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Tipologia Anno Titolo Titolo inglese Autore File
Lauree magistrali 2018 Fashion 4.0: an empirical analysis of how northern italian firms cope with industry 4.0 technologies. - Salvador, Simone
Lauree magistrali 2019 The federal funds rate effections Usa bank's profitability - Vinci, Carlo Maria
Lauree magistrali 2017 Female entrepreneurship and supportive policies - Scalzotto, Silvia
Lauree magistrali 2020 Fighting or sustaining corruption network: the role of accounting and control systems - Tuggia, Simone
Lauree magistrali 2019 The financial accounting of public private partnerships. Issues and international experience - Mantoan, Laura
Lauree magistrali 2020 Financial communication and CSR: an investigation of italian utilities and financial services disclosure through Twitter from 2016 to 2018 - Virlan, Cristina
Lauree magistrali 2017 Financial crisis in historical perspective: the panic of 1907 - Vartolo, Camilla
Lauree magistrali 2018 The financial effects of corporate social responsibility in the extractive industry - Bianchessi, Stefano
Lauree magistrali 2021 Financial literacy and the financial crisis: evidence from Italy - Altheimer, Andrea
Lauree magistrali 2019 Fintech phenomenon: a financial revolution or a new financial concern? - Saltarelli, Silvia
Lauree magistrali 2017 Fiscal impact of migration in host countries - Braggion, Silvia
Lauree magistrali 2017 Foreign cash holdings and corporate social responsibility: an empirical analysis - Marraro, Davide
Lauree magistrali 2018 From cultural distance to cultural archetypes: an innovative approach to define cultural patterns - Pietrobelli, Aurora
Lauree magistrali 2020 From information to engagement: a model for the sustainability report of the "Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti ed Esperti Contabili" of Padua - Ponzin, Giulio
Lauree magistrali 2016 GHG emission reduction through international enviromental treaties: economic analysis and mathematical models - Pamato, Filippo
Lauree magistrali 2019 Going global seriously: do SMEs rely on FDIs? - D'Auria, Flaviana
Lauree magistrali 2017 Graduate programs in a talent management perspective, a comparative analysis of scope and structure - Casagrande, Maria
Lauree magistrali 2017 The heterogeneity of the business models in the textile and fashion industry - Manganotto, Andrea
Lauree magistrali 2016 Hoshin Kanri and Lean Accounting: an integrated framework. The case of Unox S.p.A - Perra, Luigi
Lauree magistrali 2021 How artificial intelligence is affecting marketing and human behaviour: Filoblu case study - Bruno, Gianluca
Mostrati risultati da 135 a 154 di 345
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