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Tipologia Anno Titolo Titolo inglese Autore File
Lauree magistrali 2019 Artificial languages in JRR Tolkien's novel The Fellowship of The Ring and its film version - Bracchi, Sara
Lauree magistrali 2019 Audiovisual Translation: An Analysis of Subtitling in the TED Talks - Tosatto, Chiara
Lauree magistrali 2018 Country of Origin Effect: the value of Made in Italy in the United Kingdom and Russia - Nardi, Giulia
Lauree magistrali 2016 English as a medium of instruction at the University of Padova: interaction in the classroom - Meneghetti, Michela
Lauree magistrali 2016 From "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" to "Diario di una Schiappa": A case study in the translation of children's literature - Vangelisti, Matilde
Lauree magistrali 2017 From Kautokeino to a Nordic Sami Convention: An Overview on Sami and Indigenous Peoples' Rights - Baggio, Elena
Lauree magistrali 2013 Green Economy e Blue Economy: come la cultura modifica il concetto di ambiente - Pillon, Lucia
Lauree magistrali 2018 The Importance of Preserving Indigenous Languages: the case of Guaraní - Xotta, Francesca
Lauree magistrali 2018 Indigenous Rights: Legal Status of Sami in Scandinavia - De Faccio, Irene
Lauree magistrali 2020 Medical translation: A way to raise awareness about an invisible illness - Buso, Elisa
Lauree magistrali 2017 Metaphors in British and American Medical Condition Leaflets: A corpus-based analysis of materials about curable and incurable diseases - Balsan, Anna
Lauree magistrali 2018 Opera and translation: Dido and Aeneas from English into Italian - Biagi, Noemi Eleonora
Lauree magistrali 2015 Poland's accession to the European Union and its economic success. The growing collaboration with Italy as an example of trade liberalization. - Kiszycka, Marlena
Lauree magistrali 2020 Postcolonialism and Self-translation: A Case Study on Shirin Ramzanali Fazel - Conforti, Roberta
Lauree magistrali 2015 The regeneration of London's Docklands: New riverside Renaissance or catalyst for social conflict? - Feriotto, Marianna
Lauree magistrali 2013 Scottish Independence and National Identity - Beninato, Giovanni
Lauree magistrali 2017 Signposting language in English-medium instruction: a corpus-based analysis of Italian university lectures - Nardo, Sara
Lauree magistrali 2018 Strategie di comunicazione del cibo italiano verso gli stranieri: il caso Fico - Rizzieri, Giulia
Lauree magistrali 2016 A Study of Cultural and Pragmatic Aspects of British and American TV Series and of their Italian Dubbed Versions - Manfrin, Stefania
Lauree magistrali 2019 Teaching and testing second language skills in the context of migration: evidence from Italy, Germany and the UK - Mogetta, Michela
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 24
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