Studente Di Lena, Luigi
Anno Accademico 2010-10-04
Titolo originale Vital signs monitoring using Ultra Wide Band pulse radar
Abstract The aim of this work is to describe how to realize a measurement setup to detect target heart and breath rate with the use of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radar technology. Thanks to UWB wireless capabilities the detection is done contactless just standing still at a given distance dT. Contactless heart and breath rate detection can be achieved with the use of currently available commercial UWB radar devices. This is of interest for intensive-care patient monitoring, home monitoring, fast disease screening and remote vital signs monitoring. Our setup is composed by devices provided by PulsON: two PulsON 220RD UWB radars. We encountered an issue with time synchronization that is very critical in UWB detection techniques and therefore a custom built synchronization algorithm has been developed
Numero di pagine 57
Parola chiave uwb, radar, vital, sign, monitoring
Relatore Tomasin, Stefano
Appare nelle tipologie: Lauree specialistiche
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