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???if.relation.course.label??? PHYSICS
???if.relation.academicyear.label??? 2020-03-23
Titolo originale Commissioning Experiment of the AGATA+MUGAST+VAMOS Setup for Direct Reaction Studies
Abstract The commissioning experiment performed at GANIL of a new cutting-edge detection setup for the study of direct reactions is described. The setup consists in the state of the art gamma-ray tracking array AGATA, the charged particle array MUGAST to dene the reaction kinematics, and the magnetic spectrometer VAMOS for discrimination of the heavy-ion products. The neutron transfer reaction 16 O(d,p)17 O was chosen as a reference because it was performed in the past both in direct and inverse kinematics and at dierent energies. The coincident measurement of the outgoing proton and gamma-ray from the 1/2+ first excited state in 17O allowed the characterization of the setup and its tuning for the subsequent physics campaign.
Numero di pagine 57
???if.keyword.label??? Nuclear physics, Particle Detectors, Transfer Reaction
???if.supervisor.label??? Mengoni, Daniele
Correlatore Assié, Marlène
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