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Tipologia Anno Titolo Titolo inglese Autore File
Lauree magistrali 2017 Acquisition premium: representation and relation with leverage - Donninelli Paolini, Simone
Lauree magistrali 2019 Agency conflicts in M&A transactions - Cortese, Giuseppe
Lauree magistrali 2017 The American banking system before the FED - Rubbo, Carlo
Lauree magistrali 2017 Analysis of dynamic capabilities in the internationalisation process - Cecchi, Gianfranco
Lauree magistrali 2017 An analysis of underpricing of internet-related IPOs and the facebook IPO case - Martinello, Marco
Lauree magistrali 2017 Analyst coverage in IPO market and use of non-GAAP earnings in the prospectus - Pagliara, Francesco
Lauree magistrali 2017 Approaches to sustainabity report in different cultural contexts: the footwear industry - Genovese, Marika
Lauree magistrali 2021 Arbitration as a resolutive mechanism in mutual agreement tax procedures, between bilateralism and EU harmonisation - Stivanello, Giada
Lauree magistrali 2020 Are companies using water disclosure toward Sustainable Development Goal 6? An analysis of two water-intensive sectors - Fiorino, Massimo
Lauree magistrali 2021 Are SME aware of data-culture? The center Italy SME case - Strozzieri, Daniele
Lauree magistrali 2019 Artificial intelligence in italian manufacturing: growth potentials and criticalities - Inì, Paolo
Lauree magistrali 2020 Auditor indipendence challenges and establishing an oversight organization indipendent of profession in comparison with european regulations - Jamshidi, Ehsan
Lauree magistrali 2018 B-Corp certification and organizational design: structures, processes & managerial practices. - Landini, Alessandro
Lauree magistrali 2017 Bail in and new rules for the management of banking crises: the case study of the four italian banks - Saviolo, Giulia
Lauree magistrali 2016 The balanced scorecard in the fashion companies: implementation process and issues the cases of Diesel and Pinko - Gerola, Francesca
Lauree magistrali 2019 Banka' s consolidation and profitability - Tonello, Leonardo
Lauree magistrali 2016 Be social or be good. The performance of italian microbreweries - Castana, Eleonora
Lauree magistrali 2020 Being employer of choice: the impact of cultural diversity on employer attractiveness - Perna, Laura Laurencja
Lauree magistrali 2018 Benefit Corporation and organization development the italian case - Tamburini, Chiara
Lauree magistrali 2019 Benefit corporations & management of family firms - Fatimezzahra, Ennaji
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 345
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