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Tipologia Anno Titolo Titolo inglese Autore File
Lauree magistrali 2020 Modeling the void size function and its cosmology dependence in galaxy surveys - Pugno, Anna
Lauree magistrali 2020 Modelling of plasma expansion and interpretation of measured profiles in a negative ion source. - Candeloro, Valeria
Lauree magistrali 2021 Monte Carlo based dosimetry using PET/CT and SPECT/CT imaging in radiopharmaceutical therapy in the context of the ISOLPHARM project - Arzenton, Alberto
Lauree magistrali 2019 Morphology of cosmic reionisation from intensity mapping - Spina, Benedetta
Lauree magistrali 2020 Motion control of water droplets by means of optical patterns imprinted on Fe:LiNbO3 crystals - Meggiolaro, Alessio
Lauree magistrali 2019 Non-linear evolution of cosmological power-spectra using kinetic field theory approach - Teodori, Luca
Lauree magistrali 2020 A Non-Renormalization Theorem at Finite Temperature - Marchetto, Enrico
Lauree magistrali 2021 Nonlinear optical characterization of hyperbolic metamaterials - Dodici, Francesca
Lauree magistrali 2019 A novel cosmic-ray neutron detector for soil moisture estimation over large areas - Morselli, Luca
Lauree magistrali 2020 A novel neutron detector for soil moisture estimation over large area - Polo, Matteo
Lauree magistrali 2020 NP effects at the MuonE experiment at CERN - Mai, Lorenzo
Lauree magistrali 2021 Nuclear Physics from Neutron Star-Black Hole mergers - Morace, Lorenzo
Lauree magistrali 2021 On Non-Linear Wave-Plasma Interaction in the NORTH Tokamak Keywords: Plasma, Tokamak, Parametric Decay - Lonigro, Nicola
Lauree magistrali 2021 Opacity effects on the evolution of massive stars - Picco, Annachiara
Lauree magistrali 2020 Optical non-classicality as a Quantum Resource in Continuous-Variable Quantum Information - Ferrari, Giovanni
Lauree magistrali 2021 Optimal quantum gates for Rydberg atoms quantum computer - Pagano, Alice
Lauree magistrali 2021 Opto-microfluidic device in Lithium Niobate to investigate the proteins synthesis ​ - Turato, Enrico
Lauree magistrali 2021 Physics methods for image classification with Deep Neural Networks - Pompeo, Gianmarco
Lauree magistrali 2021 Probing primordial non-Gaussianity via cosmological gravitational wave anisotropies - Michelotti, Martino
Lauree magistrali 2021 Probing the asymmetry of matter distribution in galaxy clusters' environment with hydrodynamical simulations - Gallo, Stefano
Mostrati risultati da 67 a 86 di 121
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