Studente Azzurli, Francesco
Anno Accademico 2015-04
Titolo originale The Ads/CFT correspondence for higher spin theories.
Abstract The aim of the thesis is to present a check of the Klebanov-Polyakov conjecture that relates the type. A minimal Vasiliev theory in the 4-dimensional Anti-de Sitter space with a theory of N scalar fields with on O(N) global symmetry. The test that is carried out is a comparison of 3-point correlators computed in the 2 sides of the correspondence by means of the ambient space formalism, which makes it possible to use standard Witten diagrams
Numero di pagine 117
Parola chiave higher spin Ads CTF correspondence ambient.
Relatore Sorokin, Dmitri
Correlatore Lechner, Kurt
Appare nelle tipologie: Lauree specialistiche
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