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Tipologia Anno Titolo Titolo inglese Autore File
Lauree magistrali 2020 Experimental Study on Real-Time Wireless Networks for Motion Control of Manipulator and Mobile Platform in Industrial Robotics - Rossanese, Marco
Lauree magistrali 2020 Face forgery detection using conditional GAN - Rossi, Gianmaria
Lauree magistrali 2020 A framework and tools for mobile network automation in a cloud-based environment featuring NFV and MEC - Asquini, Francesco
Lauree magistrali 2020 Functionality Analysis and Information Retrieval in Electronic Document Management Systems - Kahil, Abdurahman Sadeg T
Lauree magistrali 2020 Gait analysis from encrypted video surveillance traffic - Bordin, Sara
Lauree magistrali 2019 Image Super-Resolution with Adversarial Learning - Boem, Davide
Lauree magistrali 2020 Laser Trimming of Silicon Nitride Racetrack Resonators - De Paoli, Greta
Lauree magistrali 2020 Machine learning techniques for classification problems related to therapies in diabetes patients - Barutta, Elena
Lauree magistrali 2019 Machine Learning Techniques For In-Region Location Verification In Wireless Networks - Ruvoletto, Gabriele
Lauree magistrali 2020 A Machine Learning-based Test Program Quality Tool for Automotive Microcontrollers - Khedri, Asma
Lauree magistrali 2019 Markerless Motion Analysis from Synchronized 2D Camera Views: A Convolutional Neural Network Approach - Piemontese, Francesco
Lauree magistrali 2019 Mixing Deep Networks and Entangled Forests for the Semantic Segmentation of 3D Indoor Scenes - Rigotto, Filippo
Lauree magistrali 2019 Multiuser Random Beamforming in Millimetre-Waves Channels - Santagiustina, Francesco Bruno Leonardo
Lauree magistrali 2019 Narrowband IoT: from the end device to the cloud. An experimental end-to-end study - Calzavara, Giulia
Lauree magistrali 2019 Optimization and scalability of tiled code generation - Bettonte, Gabriella
Lauree magistrali 2020 Parametric models for a database of realistic threats to GNSS receivers - Boscaro, Nicola
Lauree magistrali 2020 Physical Layer Techniques to improve the performances of the LoRaWAN networks - Cattapan, Alessandro
Lauree magistrali 2019 Python API for Altair Inspire Studio with functionality of capturing 3D models from RGBD sensors - Vendrame, Pier Angelo
Lauree magistrali 2020 Real Time Motion Estimation Algorithm for Temporal Denoising - Caratozzolo, Cesare
Lauree magistrali 2019 RGB-D Multicamera Object Detection and Tracking Implemented through Deep Learning - Zhang, GuangZheng
Mostrati risultati da 10 a 29 di 31
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